Friday, November 14, 2008

when i'm not at mudd...

...i still stay up till ungodly hours of the night. tonight, er, this morning, i discovered two wonderful cleaning products: CLR and the magic eraser. i've seen commercials for both, but i've never tried them out until tonight, and wow, they really work as they are advertised! my bathroom is spotless with very little effort, unlike the intense scrubbing days of before! it's only 5:30am cst right now, and i am on a roll! i think i might head on over to the kitchen. mom can't exactly get up and clean the house, so i think it'll be a nice surprise for her. :) i'll hit the books again tomorrow...

oh, and i realized that this blog has diverged a lot from its original purpose. but then again, i have no idea who's reading this blog. if you have questions about mudd, you can still hit me up. i think i'm only keeping this until i graduate, which is in a month (fingers crossed at this point, though, because i've missed quite a bit of work in the past week or so). :)


Kmy said...

I post this comment again, just in case you haven't noticed it in the old post.

Xin chao,
I come from Vietnam and I'm considering applying to Mudd this year. However, I can only contribute up to about 5000usd/year. I know it's competitive but is it possible to get into Mudd with such contribution? Does Mudd guarantee to meet international students' full demonstrated need (i.e if I am admitted, do Mudd provide me enough aid?)

Thank you for reading this. Considering Mudd's size, it's a pleasant surprise for me to see a Vietnamese face on the admission page.

trang said...

Hi Kmy,

Sorry for the late response. I wanted to get some statistics from the Admissions Office before I gave you an answer, but I haven't heard from them yet, and I don't want to keep you waiting. It's true that 80% of the students here receive some kind of aid, but I am not sure if that extends to International students. However, don't let that be the factor to keep you from applying. I'm sure that once you are accepted, you will be able to find help from the Financial Aid office to work that out. Mudd is need-blind, which means it doesn't look at financial contributions as one of the factors for admission. So don't worry there!

The Vietnamese population at Mudd is very, very tiny, yet somehow, we are very active in the Mudd community. I think I was one of the 1.5 Vietnamese students in the class of 2008 (the other student was only half, as you can deduce). Michael Ho is another blogger for the Admissions Office, and he, too, is Vietnamese.

Mudd is also not located too far from Orange County and Little Saigon if one ever gets homesick. :)

urahura said...

Actually, I think applying for aid will hurt my chance, as they say: Because Harvey Mudd College funding for international students is limited (and international students are not eligible for federal funding), your level of financial need may affect your chances for admission.

But I definitely will try. However, I have another problem. I graduated in 2007, and for some personal reasons, I took gap year (I will attach a sheet to the application explaining my gap year). Most colleges do admit gap-year student, but I see this in Mudd's website:
So, you’re almost done with high school and...

So does it mean that Mudd doesn't accept gap year student?
Thanks a lot!

trang said...

from admissions:

"Sorry for the late response to your question. Urahura's post is somewhat correct. Like you said we do have funding for international students but
the truth is it's for a limited amount. The number of international students we can fund depends largely on how needy the whole group is. What happens is that we take our top group of students (holistically at the top not just academics) and we find out how much aid the students in this group will need (hence, the term need aware vs. need blind, which we are for US citizens and permanent residents). We try to figure out how many offers we can have and the rest goes on a waiting list of international students who need financial aid. When students who we offered tell us they are not coming we are then offer to other people on
the list. I hope this helps."